a+p(中新佳联)受邀参与缅甸 Yangon New City 总体规划

Myanmar is geographically well located in South-East Asia and South Asia. Since reopening a few years ago, Myanmar has embraced the world with new developments in politics, education, social, cultural and economic growth. Yangon, the largest city of Myanmar, is located in the fertile Irrawaddy delta. Yangon is strategically positioned to regain its frontier as a booming city. It is the gateway to greater Myanmar markets. It will be one of the most important cities in the ASEAN, South Asia and Indian Ocean region.

Yangon is a beautiful city with a riverfront and further south within the greater Yangon Region lies the coastal front. Yangon city, with the connection to its existing international airport and the future new Bago International Airport and as well as a potential future Mass rapid transit & a high speed train system will position itself as a well-developed new world class city. Hence, it will enhance Myanmar's position in world economies.

Our vision is to plan Yangon as a city of the future - a dynamic and new world-class city. We believe the new Yangon can be a model city for a sustainable city with a reen environment for a vibrant and resilient community. It shall have up-to-date city infrastructure, well planned with world class & green transportation, compact & mixed used residential, commercial, industrial & institutional buildings. The new Yangon city is a well-balanced city in economics, knowledge, social & cultural growth.